MarcelvanDuijn - Project Archive

Current Projects:

Cannon Climbing (SteamStore Page,Website Page)

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Unity Tools and Scripts (Open Source Repo)

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Top-Down Survival Shooter

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Horror Game

Projects 2020 - 2022:

Unity3D Snake

Unity3D - Snake (Download)

Unity3D Breakout

Unity3D - Breakout (Download)

Unity3D Pong

Unity3D - Pong (Download)

Projects 2019:

Beat Saber Clone Made in Unity3D / VR

Super Motherload Clone Made in Unity3D for Phone

Projects 2017 - 2018:

Top Down Shooter / School Project

Showcase of multiple projects I made in Unity3D

Projects 2016 - 2017:

Showcase of the projects I made in GameMaker (This is how I started Gamedev)

Move Or Die, A game I made in GameMaker

Space Shooter, A Top-Down Space Shooter I made in GameMaker