MarcelvanDuijn - Art / 3D

Capsule 3D Modeling

3D Modeling

I have hands-on experience with 3D modeling using Maya, which I used during my studies. I later transitioned to using Blender for my personal work, gaining proficiency in both industry-standard software tools.

Capsule Renders Simulations VFX

Renders, Simulations, VFX

As a passionate hobbyist, I love diving into the world of visual effects, renders, and simulations. I bring my creative visions to life by leveraging cutting-edge techniques and software tools for video's, images and game assets.

Capsule Substance Painter and Designer

Substance Painter + Designer

During my studies, I gained expertise in using Substance Painter and Substance Designer. I continue to utilize these software tools for creating materials and textures in my current projects.